January 2006

Food/Recipes&Personal30 Jan 2006 12:03 am

So tonight was the much-anticipated seasoned pork tenderloin dinner over at my buddy Kyle’s. As faithful constituents will recall, this was the meal-tickets-of-gold auction dinner that my brother-in-law bought and invited us to. And what a dinner it was.

Tons of food, as promised. I think I actually ate a little bit too much. But I’m ok, I’ve had lots of practice doing that sort of thing! Breads, caesar salad, followed by chunks of pork on a bed of three different kinds of rice topped with a wonderful vegetable stir-fry. Amazing, really. And dessert was blueberry cheesecake and/or, I forget what it was called, Chocolate Mocha Truffle or something like that. I went for “and” rather then “or” of course, and they were both very good.

Sorry I forgot my camera, I intended to take it so I could give you an even more vibrant account of the occasion. But trust me, it was fantastic.

Personal28 Jan 2006 06:49 pm

Oh my. Speaking of time management, do NOT check out Falling Sand. Exactly the kind of thing I can’t handle.

Personal27 Jan 2006 04:11 pm

In my post yesterday I used the word “roiling.” I haven’t happened across that word in ages. In fact, it had been so long since I had seen or heard it I looked it up to verify correct usage.

Then today on my way home from work Rush Limbaugh, that master of vocabulary, used the term “roiling.” Good for him, and good for me.Сувенири

Personal26 Jan 2006 05:58 pm

During our recent trip to Utopia, we spent a day at the coast. It was very rainy the whole week we were out there, so I wasn’t expecting much in the weather department. Amazingly enough, the rain pretty much held off for most of the afternoon.

We headed to Newport and of course ate lunch at Mo’s. They still don’t offer an all-you-can-eat bowl of clam chowder, so I had to order it family style again.

After we ate we went out and walked around on the docks and stuff. There were tons of sea lions laying around all over the place.

Giant sea slugs. These creatures are fascinating yet kind of disgusting at the same time. And their bark. Good lands, that could get annoying after awhile. Here, listen for yourself.

Listen to the sea lions bark (89kb, wma).

We drove down to the beach, but the tide was way way up and there was no beach.

The billows were rolling that day, the sea was tempestuous.

We drove to the lighthouse, I forgot was it was called. Unfortunately it was closed for renovation. I want to go back and tour it. So instead we went down to the tidepools right next to it.

We drove down to Depoe Bay next, the smallest harbor in the world. It was getting dark by then. The sea was still roiling.

We stopped at a couple shops for the ladies, then we headed for home. We stopped in Albany and ate at Pings for supper! That was wonderful as always.

Personal24 Jan 2006 11:30 pm

The longer I take a given medication, the less effective it becomes. My wife doesn’t seem to understand that.

My Halcion ran out today, I told the dentist I needed more unless there was something else he could give me that actually worked. He chuckled in disbelief and said that was the strongest stuff he could dish out.

Goodness. Is that the state of medicinal technology today? Pathetic!

So my wife asked me how many Halcion I took before my dental appointment this afternoon. I told her 3. She looked up the maximum dose and oops, it was 2. She was sore displeased. I tried to explain that the stuff doesn’t work worth beans, I have to take a lot to even feel it.

If I am up and walking/running around I can tell my normally rock-solid stability is slightly compromised. But if I sit down and do something, la-de-da, I almost forget I’m supposed to be medicated. In fact, after I came home from the dental chair today I sat down in the ITF office and engaged in a lengthy conference over the internet with a business colleage regarding a project I’m working on. I was sharp as a tack.

But all that doesn’t matter, she was not happy. If I’m not careful she’s going to keep my meds locked up and dole them out to me herself.

It’s a good thing she didn’t ask if I took any Valium (two) along with that Halcion.

ITF Business20 Jan 2006 05:01 pm

In planning this big move to WordPress, I was a bit concerned about importing all the existing posts and comments to the new site. The importation itself is no big deal, WP cranks that right out. It was all my self-referencing internal absolute links (and image links) that had me worried.

I did some research and explored some options and came up with a possible solution. I found a search-and-replace plugin, and I thought I could maybe use that to change all the links (anchor and image and audio and whatever) over to reference the new domain.

I ran the theory by my Official Technical Advisor, Hans, in a brief consultatory meeting. He concured that this method was probably my best option.

Further testing has brought very satisfactory results, it looks like this particular dragon has been slewn.

Family19 Jan 2006 02:37 pm

I recently got a new little foster nephew.

Emphasis on little! Sean was born six (I think) weeks early.


Personal17 Jan 2006 11:14 pm

That’s been a tough one the past few months, let me tell you. Somehow I’m finding myself buried under an ever-increasing workload and nothing seems to be getting accomplished. There are a few external reasons for this, but I can’t deny that probably the main one is just myself.

At any rate, things must change. Gotta cut the goofing off and increase the productivity. Hey, that sounds like the reaming we got this morning at the Den of Iniquity!

I’ve been thinking about what I can change, and I don’t know. Everything I do is so necessary! But I’ve decided I still have to make some cuts.

I’ve reduced the blog surfing for one. I still make the rounds, but not as often anymore. Just enough to mostly keep up. My favorites still usually get the daily hit, but most of my vast blog visitation list has been reduced to the periodic visit.

Email. Oh my, I find it extremely difficult to dig myself out from under my email. I’m just buried under an avalanche of it. I’ve been wondering, how can I cut the time I spend there? I could just not reply to it, but I do that already!

I hesitate to say anything about email in public, I’m afraid people would be afraid to email me anymore thinking I’m issuing a veiled cease-and-desist request. That’s not the case, however, I love to get email from people. I’m just not sure that it’s more blessed to give than receive in this situation! I have a hard time replying in a timely manner. Isn’t that right Dave F., A. Riehl, etc. etc.

So anyway, that’s where I’m at with time management right now. So far I still haven’t got a handle on the situation, but I’m trying. The ultimate solution would be to be delivered from the Den of Iniquity, that’s where all my time goes! What a blessing that would be!

But soon I’d come under the bondage of poverty. That wouldn’t work either.

Say. . .

My wife will have her degree shortly. I can leave the Den forever, stay home, and she can support me!

The perfect solution!

ITF Business16 Jan 2006 10:42 pm

I’ve been working on the big moving job. ITF will be moving to the icedteaforever.com domain (right now it just forwards you over here), and me and my staff and interns will be utilizing WordPress for our ITF publishing needs instead of Blogger.

I think we have most of the gigantic technical issues overcome, but a few wrinkles remain. The most wrinkly wrinkle is finding a decent WordPress theme. I have scanned and scoured hundreds of dumb themes, I can’t believe I can’t find one I halfway like. What a mess, I’m sick of looking at them. Most of the themes are just garbage.

So, I don’t know what I’m going to do. I was figuring on having to customize it, but I’d at least like to find a theme that I don’t have to completely rework just to make bearable.

Who knows, I don’t know when we’ll get the move done, but I’m working on it. If you find a WP theme you think could be converted to an Iced Tea theme, let me know.

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