So tonight was the much-anticipated seasoned pork tenderloin dinner over at my buddy Kyle’s. As faithful constituents will recall, this was the meal-tickets-of-gold auction dinner that my brother-in-law bought and invited us to. And what a dinner it was.

Tons of food, as promised. I think I actually ate a little bit too much. But I’m ok, I’ve had lots of practice doing that sort of thing! Breads, caesar salad, followed by chunks of pork on a bed of three different kinds of rice topped with a wonderful vegetable stir-fry. Amazing, really. And dessert was blueberry cheesecake and/or, I forget what it was called, Chocolate Mocha Truffle or something like that. I went for “and” rather then “or” of course, and they were both very good.

Sorry I forgot my camera, I intended to take it so I could give you an even more vibrant account of the occasion. But trust me, it was fantastic.