That’s been a tough one the past few months, let me tell you. Somehow I’m finding myself buried under an ever-increasing workload and nothing seems to be getting accomplished. There are a few external reasons for this, but I can’t deny that probably the main one is just myself.

At any rate, things must change. Gotta cut the goofing off and increase the productivity. Hey, that sounds like the reaming we got this morning at the Den of Iniquity!

I’ve been thinking about what I can change, and I don’t know. Everything I do is so necessary! But I’ve decided I still have to make some cuts.

I’ve reduced the blog surfing for one. I still make the rounds, but not as often anymore. Just enough to mostly keep up. My favorites still usually get the daily hit, but most of my vast blog visitation list has been reduced to the periodic visit.

Email. Oh my, I find it extremely difficult to dig myself out from under my email. I’m just buried under an avalanche of it. I’ve been wondering, how can I cut the time I spend there? I could just not reply to it, but I do that already!

I hesitate to say anything about email in public, I’m afraid people would be afraid to email me anymore thinking I’m issuing a veiled cease-and-desist request. That’s not the case, however, I love to get email from people. I’m just not sure that it’s more blessed to give than receive in this situation! I have a hard time replying in a timely manner. Isn’t that right Dave F., A. Riehl, etc. etc.

So anyway, that’s where I’m at with time management right now. So far I still haven’t got a handle on the situation, but I’m trying. The ultimate solution would be to be delivered from the Den of Iniquity, that’s where all my time goes! What a blessing that would be!

But soon I’d come under the bondage of poverty. That wouldn’t work either.

Say. . .

My wife will have her degree shortly. I can leave the Den forever, stay home, and she can support me!

The perfect solution!