During our recent trip to Utopia, we spent a day at the coast. It was very rainy the whole week we were out there, so I wasn’t expecting much in the weather department. Amazingly enough, the rain pretty much held off for most of the afternoon.

We headed to Newport and of course ate lunch at Mo’s. They still don’t offer an all-you-can-eat bowl of clam chowder, so I had to order it family style again.

After we ate we went out and walked around on the docks and stuff. There were tons of sea lions laying around all over the place.

Giant sea slugs. These creatures are fascinating yet kind of disgusting at the same time. And their bark. Good lands, that could get annoying after awhile. Here, listen for yourself.

Listen to the sea lions bark (89kb, wma).

We drove down to the beach, but the tide was way way up and there was no beach.

The billows were rolling that day, the sea was tempestuous.

We drove to the lighthouse, I forgot was it was called. Unfortunately it was closed for renovation. I want to go back and tour it. So instead we went down to the tidepools right next to it.

We drove down to Depoe Bay next, the smallest harbor in the world. It was getting dark by then. The sea was still roiling.

We stopped at a couple shops for the ladies, then we headed for home. We stopped in Albany and ate at Pings for supper! That was wonderful as always.