August 2007

AHQ18 Aug 2007 12:55 pm

So last week we drove out to PA to get By and Amy married off! I have a bunch of pictures for you from the weekend.

All the boys went out for breakfast Thursday morning.

The choir rehearsed a lot Thursday and Friday. They sounded fantastic.

AHQ had to rehearse too! Notice how intently we’re working. . .

AHQ did a few songs at the wedding and reception. Byran had written Amy a song and so we needed to learn it to sing at the reception.

. . .while By is goofing off!

My fellow groomsmen and I, that’s Barn, Randy, and me. What an unbeatable group!

Here’s our table! What a great time that was.

We drafted my brother-in-law to babysit during the ceremony. Later Dorcas took care of the baby during the reception. So far in our short parenting career, finding a babysitter hasn’t been a very big problem!

Mandy and her Daddy
Music03 Aug 2007 08:40 am

One time long ago I posted about a CD I had received in the mail. I really liked it, and said

I would love to produce/record their next album! I’m definitely going to bid on it and pester them mercilessly.

Well, I did, and they consented to let me assist on their next project.

And now it’s here, available, and you need a copy.

Heartbeat is an a cappella trio of sisters.

I think this is a great album. Once again they pull off a varied selection of material and do a great job of arranging it and making it their own. Very nice.

That’s one of the things I really like about Heartbeat, and what caught my ear in the first place. They aren’t afraid to put their own unique stamp on their material, and they aren’t afraid to try something new. Their approach is refreshing.

They also have some guests on this recording! Their own Mountain Anthems Chorus backs them up on the last track, “Peace Speaker.” The chorus is from their church, and they’ve all been members for a while.

They also invited AHQ to record a song with them, and we were honored to accept. We did “Fallen Walls, Open Doors” by Keith Lancaster (The Acappella Company). A year and a half ago all of AHQ was back home in OR for Christmas, and we recorded our part of the song then. Heartbeat later added their part, and I think it turned out pretty well. It’s a unique collaboration that I think people will like.

I know firsthand that they worked very hard on this album, and it shows.

Buy this CD now. Contact Heartbeat at the following email address: heartbeat at gcnetmail dot net.

Oh yeah, and Heartbeat gave my wife her first album credit!

Here’s a sampler: Heartbeat – A Heart Like Yours (2:45, 1.9MB)

Family01 Aug 2007 05:46 pm