April 2008

Family&Food/Recipes23 Apr 2008 08:36 pm

I’ve told you before about my family’s ice cream legacy, and it looks like this little girl is her grandpa’s granddaughter.

Although it looked a little unsure at first!

Family08 Apr 2008 08:08 am

Mandy is growing like a weed, and sprouting teeth as well.


“See my teeth?!”


“They’re good for chewing on my fingers. . .


. . .and my toes!”

“And Daddy’s arm sometimes too.”

ITF Headquarters05 Apr 2008 07:49 am

Last fall we were gone over a weekend, and when we came home there were skid marks across our yard and hole in our tree.


The ground level branches were broken off where a car had crashed into the tree!


I checked the front door, and sure enough there was a note. It basically said, sorry, we hydroplaned, here’s my phone number, sorry.


The funny thing is, my wife was telling a friend of hers about it and they were discussing the name (it was signed with a first name only), handwriting, and color of the car (there were a few broken pieces left under the tree), and they figured out who it was! They had gone to school together years ago.


I’m just glad I wasn’t getting the mail or something.

Misc03 Apr 2008 07:03 am

A little while ago my wife and I were heading home from a night on the town. I was safely motoring down the road when I was pulled over by a cop.

He said my tags were expired. He asked for my registration, so we dug around in the cubbyhole until we found it. He took a look and said, no, this one’s old. We dug around some more and found another one, but that was old too. He went back to his car, and we finally found the current one.

With the current tag on it.

I said, sorry, I just hadn’t put it on yet.

He checked the dates and discovered that I’d had the tag for six months. That’s when he went from being polite to chewing me out. He said it was “asinine” that I hadn’t put the tags on yet.

I put them on the next day or two. At least he didn’t give me a ticket. Thanks for the warning, Brian Hoffman.


The bad news is, I can’t find the current tag for the other car.

Misc01 Apr 2008 11:24 pm

Our ’98 Monte Carlo left us sit beside the road in pouring snow/slush the other night. Piece of junk.

I had it towed to the mechanic, and he called me later and said it was the fuel pump. “It’s expensive,” he warned.

Before I called him back I looked to see what I could find on the internet, and sure enough it WAS expensive. The cheapest fuel pump assembly I could find (in a quick search) was at Auto Parts Warehouse for $308.

That’s insane. I called him back, and his price was way over $400. We had a little chat and I told him how much cheaper I could get it online.

I didn’t want to wait for days for it to come, and mechanics don’t want customers to get their own parts, so he dropped it down a little bit for me.

I also had him do a pressure check on the cooling system, as I’ve been losing a little antifreeze.

I went and picked it up the old crate today. And received the verdict that the intake manifold gasket is leaking coolant. To the tune of $800.