Our ’98 Monte Carlo left us sit beside the road in pouring snow/slush the other night. Piece of junk.

I had it towed to the mechanic, and he called me later and said it was the fuel pump. “It’s expensive,” he warned.

Before I called him back I looked to see what I could find on the internet, and sure enough it WAS expensive. The cheapest fuel pump assembly I could find (in a quick search) was at Auto Parts Warehouse for $308.

That’s insane. I called him back, and his price was way over $400. We had a little chat and I told him how much cheaper I could get it online.

I didn’t want to wait for days for it to come, and mechanics don’t want customers to get their own parts, so he dropped it down a little bit for me.

I also had him do a pressure check on the cooling system, as I’ve been losing a little antifreeze.

I went and picked it up the old crate today. And received the verdict that the intake manifold gasket is leaking coolant. To the tune of $800.