April 2005

The Den of Iniquity30 Apr 2005 12:28 pm
WARNING: Reader discretion advised (language).

One day at work this week me and Marty (my electrical partner) happened to be working together. Usually he builds parts and I work on the line. But on some of the more complex units we will each take a side and do them together, because they’re too much work for one guy.

Anyway, he’s constantly telling me how slow I am. Which is true, I am on the slow side for a trailer factory, but I do a good job and don’t goof off. Which is more than can be said for . . . . . . let’s not go down that path. I’ve always tended toward being more meticulous than fast. And Marty is very fast, at least when he wants to be. Which seems most often to be just when he wants to make me look bad.

Not really. We’re buds. So this week we were working and he says, “Tom, you are sure taking your time aren’t you. You don’t have hardly anything to hook up over there, hardly any wires to run, what are you doing !!”

To which I reply, “Marty, that’s all you ever say. How I’m so slow and you’re so fast, I’m so bad and you’re so good, you could do 3 units to my one. Come up with something new, I’m sick of hearing the same thing all the time!”

Jimmy was right there and heard the whole conversation. He butts in and says, “Ok, YOU —-!!!!!”

I had to admit, yes, that was something new.

Misc29 Apr 2005 08:58 pm

So I went with Jewel to an appointment this week with the flower people. The lady took us over to the meeting area, and I stopped in horror.

It was a little cove in the side of the store filled with pink frilly stuff, creams, lotions, powders, candles, fancy vases and dishes, a small cutesy wrought iron table and 2 chairs, more pink stuff, soft ambiant lighting, and further accented by “soothing” instrumental music.

I nearly broke out in hives. I started stuttering and stammering to Jewel and she kindly excused me to go browse the adjoining hardware store.


Personal28 Apr 2005 07:04 pm

I cracked up when I got this comment. It was too late though, the event had already taken place, I just hadn’t posted about it yet.


It has been quite some time since the last monumental event, things were getting really uncomfortable. But now all is well!

The Den of Iniquity26 Apr 2005 11:52 pm

You may not have known, but I’m fluent in Espanyole. And today I became even fluenter.

A guy I work with is a Mexican. We’ll occasionally communicate in the Spanish tongue, and today I asked him what a reply would be for “cone sue permeeso.” He said, “(whatever it was).” I happily used it a few times, then forgot it. I asked him again, he told me again, now I’ve forgotten it again.

Maybe I’ll ask him again tomorrow. Man, with a memory like that it’s a wonder I ever became fluent in the first place.

Hoosierville23 Apr 2005 07:23 pm

This sign is a never-ending source of amusement for me!

It cracks me up every time!

Speaking of only in Hoosier land, after some temps in the 80’s this week it is now dusting snow.

Tech22 Apr 2005 10:13 pm

Yes indeedy, I did get my Antec Sonata case last Wednesday.

I ended up keeping the Antec power supply. It’s supposed to be a really good supply, and I didn’t really want to mess around with another one. In fact, the guy I got my board from said my Antec 380watt was probably just as good as the 450watt he would have traded me.

It’s too bad I don’t have any time right now. I need to backup my mess of a hard drive next, then I’ll rip both of them out of the old and put them in the new.

As you can see, I’ve put the case on my workbench and installed the motherboard.

Rob made a pertinent comment recently on ITF about building vs. buying. In the good old days it was cheaper to build your own pc rather than buy one, but those days are long gone. Now you can get pretty decent systems for just a few hundred bucks.

But I need a high-end system, and those aren’t as cheap. I’m using my current 200GB worth of hard drives and the OS with them, so this time I can piece together what I want for considerably less than I could buy it outright.

AHQ&Food/Recipes20 Apr 2005 03:46 pm

I went to one of my favorite food outlets this afternoon, Yoder’s Meat Shoppe. I got some smoked horseradish cheese and some sausage. I love sausage.

While I was in Shipshewana I went over to the Yoder’s Department Store. I had been told they carried Purpose, and sure enough there it was. Top right of the display, next to CROSS, Antrim, The Mountain Anthems, the Sharon Bethel Quartet, etc.

I couldn’t figure it out, because they aren’t in my database, I didn’t know where they were getting them. So I asked! Turns out their mennonite music section is supplied by Chet’s Music Shop, one of our biggest retailers. So that explains that.

Tech20 Apr 2005 12:58 am

My new Antec enclosure is on its way, it arrived in Indianapolis at 11:30 tonight. It departed Lexington, KY at 8:25 pm. Will it make it here by Thursday? It certainly better! I need it by then, I’m going to trade in the power supply for a bigger one when I go pick up my motherboard. And thank you Amazon.com for the free shipping worth $20.33!

Tonight I got some more groceries, and I brought them in right away. I had some frozen goods this time. I even got ice cream, something I rarely consume. I did it to make my Dad proud.

Tech19 Apr 2005 04:05 pm

You know what I’m pumped about, upgrading my computer. I’ve been wanting to do this for years now. I don’t know how long it’s been, 5 or 6 years probably, but I had a Babdist preacher friend of mine build my current computer. Life in the Shoe’s husband told me something to the effect of “So, you finally got your dream computer that will be outdated in six months!”

Joke’s on you Paul! I’ve been using this thing for about 40 computer years!

But it is definitely past time to upgrade. Like I said, I’ve been wanting to, but financial prudence has been holding me back. But a wondrous event has been taking shape, one that demands a computer upgrade! I’m going to be doing another recording project, and not for the in-house group. So here I go, my new Antec Sonata extremely quiet case (here are some reviews) should come this week, and Thursday I pick up my new Asus A8V-E Deluxe motherboard (2nd in PC World’s shootout) and AMD Athlon 64 processor. Exciting stuff.

Later on after I recover from the financial shock, I need another sound card for the studio.

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