Yes indeedy, I did get my Antec Sonata case last Wednesday.

I ended up keeping the Antec power supply. It’s supposed to be a really good supply, and I didn’t really want to mess around with another one. In fact, the guy I got my board from said my Antec 380watt was probably just as good as the 450watt he would have traded me.

It’s too bad I don’t have any time right now. I need to backup my mess of a hard drive next, then I’ll rip both of them out of the old and put them in the new.

As you can see, I’ve put the case on my workbench and installed the motherboard.

Rob made a pertinent comment recently on ITF about building vs. buying. In the good old days it was cheaper to build your own pc rather than buy one, but those days are long gone. Now you can get pretty decent systems for just a few hundred bucks.

But I need a high-end system, and those aren’t as cheap. I’m using my current 200GB worth of hard drives and the OS with them, so this time I can piece together what I want for considerably less than I could buy it outright.