July 2007

Hoosierville&Misc25 Jul 2007 07:16 am

My buddy Stanny sent me this pic he took recently on top of Snow Peak. There are certainly no views like this in Hoosierville!

Snow Peak is the mountain in the above header.

Click on the picture for a larger version.

Music23 Jul 2007 09:15 pm

On Wednesday of last week me and my family drove to Plain City, OH (4 hours, 200 mi. one way), to hear Voice of Praise on their Reunion tour.

It was good to see my buddies Glen, Ben, and Josh, and the others. In fact, I also met Paul for the first time, it turns out he’s an ITF constituent from way back!

All their former members were with them on tour, save one. Joshua B. Good (Paul’s brother) couldn’t make it, so there were nine men on stage.

It was a great program. They had a fantastic blend, you’d have to look far and wide to find a men’s ensemble that could match it.

I was surprised and pleased to hear them sing Walt Harrah’s arrangement of “God be With You Till We Meet Again.” Very sweet, and they knocked the tag out of the park. (Hopefully they don’t mind me using the term “tag!”)

AHQ did this song many years ago, and we could never pull it off live because the last chord called for five (as I recall) different notes. But they sounded great.

Seeing that this is yet another song they covered that AHQ has recorded, AHQ’s influence on them is more apparent all the time.

Ok, since probably only about 5% of my constituents got that terrible joke, I’ll just come out and say, that was a really lame joke! But it was funny to me and probably Konrad, so I put it in.

They recorded an album to go along with the tour, and it’s well worth buying. You really should get yourself a copy. Remind me to do a separate post on it.

Family&Hoosierville16 Jul 2007 02:32 pm

We flew home from Utopia last week. We flew all night long and got home around 10 or so Thursday morning.

Now let me explain why there is no justice in the world.

My wife has a somewhat rowdy past. I’ve been an excellent taming influence on her, but occasionally I have to really apply the brakes. For example, there have been times in the past where my wife has wanted to vandalize some other people’s property with toilets. I put my foot down, and wouldn’t let her.

Which is easier said than done, this took some considerable determination! She didn’t give up either, she wanted to do it more than once.

But I never caved in.

So we come home from our trip, and what do I find to await me for the good I have done and the trouble I’ve saved from others.

Should’ve stayed in Utopia!

Hoosierville10 Jul 2007 08:01 pm

I thought that I’d get a break from the heat by coming to Utopia.

Fat chance of that!

Here’s a screenshot of the temp this afternoon in Goshen and Utopia: