February 2008

Family10 Feb 2008 01:19 am

My wife is in school again, you know, and she has a particularly difficult project due on Monday. She has to write a 12 page paper on some arcane subject along with giving an oral presentation on something or other.

Makes me really glad it’s not me. Getting started on those kinds of projects was always like trying to lift a 2-ton boulder to me. And anyway, she’s really quite good at cranking out the papers when she needs to. However, this one had her a little more discouraged than normal.

“Will you write it for me?” she asked earlier today. She’s actually asked me that several times before, but not with today’s addendum: “I’ll pay you.”

Ha ha!

Oh that all temptation were this easy to resist, huh.

Misc04 Feb 2008 08:45 pm

Here’s a recent picture of Hans and his family.


Oh yeah, Hans is a lot younger than you thought. That’s him on the upper left, and little brother Benj on the right.