October 2006

Hoosierville&Personal26 Oct 2006 11:27 am

I got a nice surprise from a guy from church the other day. He called me up and wondered if I wanted to come drive combine for him for a little bit.

Of course I did. I haven’t farmed in ages. I used to be a farmer, you know.

The farming out here is really strange. When they say “beans” out here they mean “soybeans.” And the corn! They let it stand well into October! It’s dead and brown and decomposing before they harvest it! It’s a whole new world out here.

Anyway, I got to combine myself some corn, I’d never done that before. And the machine really took me back, it was an old John Deere 7700, the very machine I first drove as a kid for my uncle.

I didn’t get a picture from outside, so I found this 7700 on the internet. There aren’t many old combine pictures on the internet.

This machine was a little quirky, but once you learned how to speak her language she was ready to sing for you.

It’s been a long time since I farmed. I could tell, too, I was driving like a beginner!

ITF Business23 Oct 2006 09:58 am

I created a page displaying the current list of ITF Snow Peak headers.

ITF Business&ITF Headquarters21 Oct 2006 12:27 pm

We are also in the (long) process of buying a house. Yes, ITF is relocating our headquarters.

Check out the New Headquarters page if you’d like to see more pictures.

Family18 Oct 2006 10:36 am

Lots of things have been happening here, of which this certainly isn’t the least!

Only 1.7cm long right now, but with my example to follow I’m sure that won’t last long!

Misc17 Oct 2006 04:28 pm

So I was on the phone with the Verizon DSL billing people, and we were having problems. She couldn’t find an address, it basically told her the address didn’t exist. I could bring the address up with Google Maps no problem, it was right there. In fact, I could bring it up using two different variations.

She kept trying things and couldn’t get anything to work. I gently suggested that she try using Google Maps to pinpoint it and maybe get more ideas to find it in the applications she was using.

“Um, actually,” she said, “this is kind of ironic, but we don’t have internet access!”

I laughed out loud. The DSL billing people aren’t allowed to have internet access! That is really funny to me.

Financial&Hoosierville&Misc15 Oct 2006 01:04 pm

Ha ha! Just got off the phone from another police platinum-gold-silver level fundraiser attempt. Now what’s interesting here, right off the bat he told me they weren’t using any lame fundraising outfit to make the calls, they were doing it themselves.

When I got to my now-standard question, “Will this sticker on my car help me out if I get pulled over?” he said, “I tell everybody that asks me that, they can run every green light in town!”

Touche! An answer worthy of the question.

In further elaboration though, he did faintly imply that if the offense wasn’t too bad (e.g., 55 in a 45 rather than a 65 in a 45), the officer would see that I was a supporter and it just might make a little difference! Maybe Clark was right!

I’m having so much fun with these calls, I just may send them a little money. And what if I’d get stopped with the sticker and get a ticket anyway? Oh man, I couldn’t wait until the next call! I’d let them have it! “I had the sticker on my car and I got a ticket anyway, etc., etc.” Now that would be fun.

Misc&Music14 Oct 2006 07:18 am

Ag’s presence is a rare thing anymore here on ITF. Evidently her priorities have been skewed all out of whack or something.

Certainly it’s too bad for us, we miss her. But it’s also too bad for her, and I can prove that.

I saw her recently, she’s touring right now with Soul Set Free (a mixed quartet). They are very good, by the way, I’ll post about them in the near future possibly.

But on their table they set up at their programs — speaking of which, you know there’s girls in the group just by seeing their table. It’s very nice looking, arranged neatly, obviously some thought and effort put into it. As opposed to a certain male quartet I was involved with, we had really gotten somewhere when we started just tossing a tablecloth down first before scattering CD’s all over!

Anyway, they had a nice board thing set up with pictures on it, and a little written blurb about the group. But what grabbed my attention was that they spelled “a cappella” like this:


Oh my. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not into slamming people for an honest mistake. But if Ag had her priorities right, what invaluable resource did I just recently post here on ITF?!! None other than a guide to spelling the word “a cappella!!”

Maybe this unfortunate circumstance will help her get her life back in order, her priorities back to what she knows is best.

Medical13 Oct 2006 07:22 am

One of my specialties is blogging about medical issues. It gives me a deep satisfaction. I don’t know why. But here I am again.

I must laud the medical profession for their great advancements in the last few years. Things have really been coming along! Let me elaborate.

The doc is subjecting me to a particulary invasive procedure today. Now, I really don’t care about the actual procedure that much, it’s no big deal because you’re dead to the world while it’s running its course. But the mandatory preparatory procedures are a killer! It’s the day before where you want to question whether it’s worthwhile for life to continue or not!

That’s the reason I was initially discombobulated when he forced me into the procedure this time. After a few probing questions, however, I realized that things have come a long way in the last few years! The required prep process is much less grievous than before.

Don’t get me wrong, it does consist of some strong distaste, vile self-invasiveness, and stout unpleasance. But on the whole it’s a mere shadow of what it was in the olden days (5 years ago).

So yea for the medical profession.

Misc12 Oct 2006 09:49 am

I happened to catch a little of Paul Harvey yesterday, and guess who’s subbing for him? Fred Thompson! What an interesting choice!

I would have never thought of that, but wow, what a great idea. He’s fantastic in that role. I always did like Fred. He’s an intriguing guy, although I don’t know much about him. He’s a former senator and a big shot actor.

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