Ag’s presence is a rare thing anymore here on ITF. Evidently her priorities have been skewed all out of whack or something.

Certainly it’s too bad for us, we miss her. But it’s also too bad for her, and I can prove that.

I saw her recently, she’s touring right now with Soul Set Free (a mixed quartet). They are very good, by the way, I’ll post about them in the near future possibly.

But on their table they set up at their programs — speaking of which, you know there’s girls in the group just by seeing their table. It’s very nice looking, arranged neatly, obviously some thought and effort put into it. As opposed to a certain male quartet I was involved with, we had really gotten somewhere when we started just tossing a tablecloth down first before scattering CD’s all over!

Anyway, they had a nice board thing set up with pictures on it, and a little written blurb about the group. But what grabbed my attention was that they spelled “a cappella” like this:


Oh my. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not into slamming people for an honest mistake. But if Ag had her priorities right, what invaluable resource did I just recently post here on ITF?!! None other than a guide to spelling the word “a cappella!!”

Maybe this unfortunate circumstance will help her get her life back in order, her priorities back to what she knows is best.