I’ve been bothered quite a bit lately by the phone lackeys of the Hoosierville Maternal Order of the High Priest Brotherhood of Hoosierville Police.

I’m sure it’s a fine organization with a very worthy cause, but their solicitation methods grow quite wearisome.

Yada yada, this won’t take much of your time, blah blah, window decal gold supporter platinum level, yawn, well if not, then surely we can count on you to be a silver contributor?!!

Sorry bud.

Though come to think of it, I maybe would settle for the silver package if they’d promise never to bother me again!

Chester, who called me the other tonight, surprised me by saying I was one of their most valuable supporters! I’ll tell you one thing, if that’s really the case then they are in some seriously troubled waters!

Then I asked Chester, I said, “Chester, will this here window decal help me out if get pulled over?”

He stumbled around and said, well, he couldn’t say that it would, but it would be there in the window and the officer would see the sticker and know that I support officers and their families.

Nice, Chester.

I stalled around some more and a minute later asked again, so you can’t guarantee that this window decal you keep bribing me with will help me out if I get pulled over?

No, he couldn’t, but once again, the officer will see it and know you support policemen and their families!

Goodness. I’m not sure if Chester should get a raise or be fired!