March 2008

Family29 Mar 2008 10:45 pm

Mandy, that is, not me. I hope, anyway.


It’s because of the way she eats!


AHQ&Food/Recipes28 Mar 2008 06:35 pm

In a comment about my recent commentary on Krispy Kreme, Dorcas mentioned a donut episode that happened in years past.

Indeed, it’s a particularly favorite AHQ memory. We were on tour with Paul (Life in the Shoe‘s husband, but this was years before Life in the Shoe) somewhere up north, Minnesota or somewhere, and it was in the dead of winter. Piles of snow everywhere, and bone-chilling temps that make even Hoosierville seem mild.

We had managed to find a Krispy Kreme (this was also long before there were any in the Northwest), so we stocked up on donuts. Not long before this, our good buddies the Denton Brothers had showed us a video they made centered around the last Krispy Kreme donut in the box. It was pretty good, so we thought we’d do our own version.

There was one donut left, but it was a day old and had been frozen in the van overnight. Now you know that hot off the conveyor there’s hardly anything more melt-in-your-mouth than a Krispy Kreme. But old and cold, they’re anything but. I was more than up to the task though, and I put it away in fine style.

So here for your viewing pleasure interest is “The Last Donut.”

This particular feat would have been no big deal if it was a hot one, but let me tell you, that was a mouth full.

Family&Food/Recipes25 Mar 2008 08:17 pm

A few months ago I took the family to Krispy Kreme, they had never had hot donuts right off the conveyor. And if you haven’t had them hot off the conveyor, you have no idea as to the phenomenon that is Krispy Kreme.

KK’s from gas stations, grocery stores, or those fundraiser boxes are usually not much better than your average donut. You can’t begin to compare them with donuts hot in the store.

So we got to Krispy Kreme late in the evening, I was really hoping the Hot Now sign would be on, but it wasn’t. We went in the store, though, and soon the sign came on! They were just firing everything up.

I asked, “Do you still hand out donuts hot off the line?” I meant it as a rhetorical question. I was stunned to hear the negative reply. Evidently they quit doing it as long ago as early last year.

Why in the world would a company take such a famous gesture of goodwill (and brilliant business move) and give themselves a black eye by canceling it?

Medical24 Mar 2008 07:11 am

A few weeks ago I had my bi-monthly Remicade infusion. Then I got the statement. I’m still waiting to see what my share of this is, but even a small percentage of this number results in a staggering amount.

Hoosierville&Misc22 Mar 2008 09:25 pm

Here it is Easter weekend, and what do you know but Hoosierville gets dumped on with yet another snowstorm. This is just insane.

So what should I counter this with, but something hot.

My buddy Stanny sent me these pics last summer of field burning in Utopia. They don’t burn nearly as much as they used to of course, thanks to all the environmentalist wackos, but they still do some. Field burning is awesome. I got in on it a few times in my farming career, but not a lot.

Click each pic to see the full version.

Family21 Mar 2008 07:00 pm

Now I was quite the athlete in my day, to be sure, ha ha, but still. This is pretty extreme.

Misc15 Mar 2008 09:19 pm

15 minutes, Mark.


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