I’m going to post about financial matters, just for fun. I’m going to mention specific figures.

See, in the circles I grew up in money matters weren’t something you usually talked about in public. How much you earned at work, what something cost, etc. etc. were usually kept under wraps. But I am fascinated with business matters and financial issues, and I like to know what the numbers are. They make things much more interesting.

When Mandy was born, the difficult labor and eventual C-section culminated in a six-day hospital stay, if I remember right. The total bill for that little vacation came to right around $20,000. Wow! Thank you God for medical insurance.

Having a chronic disease, I have to take a lot of prescriptions every day. Unfortunately, many disease-specific drugs don’t have cheap generic counterparts. My out-of-pockets costs, AFTER insurance covers the majority, are over $100 a month for my prescriptions.

Regarding my current sabbatical in this medical resort, I came in here last Sunday morning, and the plan is to send me home today. That’s what, about five days. It will be awhile before I know the total bill of course, but I have one little tidbit I want to share with you.

When I was first stricken with Crohn’s Disease, I was deathly sick for about three months before the docs finally got it under control. They piddled around with this weak drug, then that ineffective drug, and on and on. Finally as a last shot before slicing me open and hacking out my colon, they tried a new (very expensive) IV drug called Remicade. It did the trick, I literally started feeling better overnight.

So this week, they finally broke down and brought out the Remicade yesterday. Hopefully it will do the job again and I’ll be feeling better soon.

I wanted to know how much it cost though, so I had the nurse look it up. This one IV infusion of Remicade gently dripped into my veins yesterday cost. . . . $10,714.25. Dead serious. That is not a joke.

So anyway, I hope you enjoyed those numbers. I know I would have if someone else had done something like this, “do unto others” you know.