After years of having gallons of blood brutally sucked from my arm, I only recently discovered what I’m going to share with you now.

I’ve been a little sick the last few weeks with a Crohn’s flare up, and yesterday morning they put me in the hospital. Thankfully, some genius here at Goshen Hospital put in a patient wireless access point so contact with the outside world can be maintained.

But anyway, my tip about blood draws is this: you can refuse tape! I usually request the stuff that goes all the way around your arm, but lately the blood sticker people haven’t been carrying it. So I have just been flatly refusing tape, and they don’t push the matter. They just apply pressure for a little bit and let it go.

Stand firm, no tape.

Here’s another tip for the next time you stay in a two-bed hospital room. Use headphones for your tv! Come on! Man this is annoying. I’ve been listening to Glenn Beck and Glad Gershwin with my earbuds, trying to drown out the cacophony from across the curtain.

Guess who was my nurse last night? My own wife!