A few months ago I took the family to Krispy Kreme, they had never had hot donuts right off the conveyor. And if you haven’t had them hot off the conveyor, you have no idea as to the phenomenon that is Krispy Kreme.

KK’s from gas stations, grocery stores, or those fundraiser boxes are usually not much better than your average donut. You can’t begin to compare them with donuts hot in the store.

So we got to Krispy Kreme late in the evening, I was really hoping the Hot Now sign would be on, but it wasn’t. We went in the store, though, and soon the sign came on! They were just firing everything up.

I asked, “Do you still hand out donuts hot off the line?” I meant it as a rhetorical question. I was stunned to hear the negative reply. Evidently they quit doing it as long ago as early last year.

Why in the world would a company take such a famous gesture of goodwill (and brilliant business move) and give themselves a black eye by canceling it?