June 2007

Misc27 Jun 2007 08:45 pm

So we made it ok, but it was a much longer trip than anticipated. We flew into O’Hare (2nd most miserable airport in the nation, thank you US News & World Report) and volunteered to be bumped.

I’ve tried and tried before to get bumped, but I never could. The downside was that we were going to have to wait for 7 hours for another flight. There were other flights before then that we stood by for, but the waitlist was over a hundred people and the flights were all packed anyway.

And of course our eventual flight was delayed again and again, we finally got left close to nine hours after we were initially supposed to. You’ll see from the previous link, about 42.3% of flights are delayed at O’Hare.

Fortunately we got put in first class, and the 777 we were on for the first leg was amazing. That’s the way we’re traveling from now on.

Providing I become a millionaire soon.

ITF Business25 Jun 2007 09:37 pm

Today is our anniversary. My wife posted some pictures from two years ago on her blog.

And now there are three of us!

I thought you may be interested in what I bought my wife for our anniversary!


She likes it a lot.

Family&Misc25 Jun 2007 10:53 am

I never flew on a plane until I was in my mid-20’s or so, quite some long time ago by now. I always wanted to, but never had the chance. We always drove on family vacations and such, and I guess it never worked out.

So the first few times I flew I thought it was pretty cool. That wore off over the years, unfortunately, and now I dread and despise it. Too many bad experiences, and airliners are not built for people of my physical persuasion.

Tomorrow, I try flying with a two and a half week old infant. Somehow I don’t have much hope this will improve the situation!

Family18 Jun 2007 10:49 am

Grandpa and Grandma.

Mom and Dad are leaving for home tonight. They’ve been here for two weeks, and Mom has been an incredible help!

Another Grandpa and Grandma.


Four generations.

Something Daddy needs to do more of.
Family15 Jun 2007 11:13 am
Amanda's Firsts

First diaper.
Amanda's Firsts

First clothes.
Amanda's Firsts

First nurse.
Amanda's Firsts

First blanket.
Amanda's Firsts

First socks. And if she’s anything like her Mom, it’s the first of innumerable socks to come!
Amanda's Firsts

First nap with Dad.
Amanda's Firsts

First bath.
Amanda's Firsts

First picture with her Miller cousins.
Amanda's Firsts

Second nap with Dad.
Family09 Jun 2007 06:26 pm

They started inducing Jewel on Tuesday night. We came in to the hospital on Wednesday and have been here ever since! I don’t know yet how long we’ll be here, possibly until Monday.

After many hours of labor and then several hours of hard pushing, mid Friday afternoon they decided that a C-section was going to be necessary. They were able to do it pretty quickly, except is sure seemed like a long time before they came to get me.

I sat behind the curtain, and it was alarmingly low. I made sure I didn’t accidentally look behind it. There were a lot of people in there, and suddenly everyone started exclaiming.

“Oh my goodness, it’s huge!” And a few seconds later, “It’s a girl!” A great big girl. Ten pounds and seven ounces! No wonder she wouldn’t come out.

Amanda Sue

Getting dressed and checked over.
Amanda Sue

Her Apgar score at birth, five, and ten minutes was 7, 9, and 10.

Amanda Sue

I sure look good in scrubs, although they tend to obscure my physique.

Amanda Sue

Mom FINALLY got to hold the baby.

Amanda Sue

Grandma could hardly wait to start combing that hair!

Amanda Sue
Amanda Sue

And putting bows and things in it.

Amanda Sue
Family08 Jun 2007 11:11 pm

Amanda Sue was born at 6:14 tonight (Friday, June 8).

She was long awaited and much overdue!

It has been a very long and rough week for her parents, but especially her Mother. They’re both doing great though.

Pictures will be coming on Saturday.

Misc&Music04 Jun 2007 12:29 pm

When you’re the emcee or moderator of a church service or a concert, never mention a low turnout or how disappointed you are that more people didn’t come.

It serves no purpose. After all, the people you’re telling are the ones who came! All it does it create an aura of negativity.

It doesn’t chastise someone who should have come but didn’t, it just makes the one who did come feel bad that those in charge are so disappointed.