So we made it ok, but it was a much longer trip than anticipated. We flew into O’Hare (2nd most miserable airport in the nation, thank you US News & World Report) and volunteered to be bumped.

I’ve tried and tried before to get bumped, but I never could. The downside was that we were going to have to wait for 7 hours for another flight. There were other flights before then that we stood by for, but the waitlist was over a hundred people and the flights were all packed anyway.

And of course our eventual flight was delayed again and again, we finally got left close to nine hours after we were initially supposed to. You’ll see from the previous link, about 42.3% of flights are delayed at O’Hare.

Fortunately we got put in first class, and the 777 we were on for the first leg was amazing. That’s the way we’re traveling from now on.

Providing I become a millionaire soon.