March 2010

Family29 Mar 2010 04:34 am

Here’s something my Dad wrote back in the 80’s:

“The Lord has been very good to me. Through all the difficult times, He has been very close. It takes situations in life that are hard to make us realize how much we need to trust the Lord. He will never fail. I give him the glory and thanks for the joy I have in my life today.

It is not how successful we have been financially that counts with the Lord but how faithful we have been to Him. As I look back, I realize how short life here on earth is–as the Word says, “As a vapor it soon vanisheth away”. My prayer and desire is that all our families may prepare for that day when we meet our Saviour, that it may be a day of joy, not sorrow.”

Tonight he met his Savior. And even though the hurt and loss we as a family feel is very deep, in the end it is a day of joy. We know that he is experiencing that ultimate joy because he was faithful to the Lord.

He wasn’t a man of a lot of deep words, but he was a man who backed up what he believed with the way he lived. He taught us more by his example than he ever would have with words.

I couldn’t begin to count the times I’ve sung about heaven, but in one day it has become real to me like never before.

Thank you for the legacy you left us, Dad. I am so proud that you are my Dad. I love you and I will miss you.

So will Allison.


Family02 Mar 2010 09:38 pm

Mandy has moved on from cheap and inane fiction like “Are You My Mother?” and “Green Eggs and Ham” to classic Americana literature like “An American Journey” by the Oak Ridge Boys.


It’s a great book, just ask Mandy!