November 2007

Family&Misc28 Nov 2007 07:36 am

When we flew home from OR last September, we left the Eugene Airport around 6 in the morning, I think. As we were landing in Denver, I saw a fire truck by the runway with its lights on.

Shortly thereafter the pilot got on the intercom and announced that we were going to have to stop on the runway and have the cargo hold searched, there were reports of a suspicious package on board.

The plane stopped, and more fire trucks and emergency vehicles with lights on were coming from all over. We were instructed to leave all our stuff on the plane and get off immediately.

So we did, and they brought out the space suits and search dogs and started going over the plane.

I thought, man, if there’s a bomb on there we’re sure standing close to the plane! They eventually had us move farther away.

I couldn’t grab the camera before we got off, but I had the cell phone so I took these pics with it.

It turns out that morning in Eugene they found a simulated bomb in somebody’s luggage. They nabbed it, but unfathomably they let the guys get on our plane! They ended up shutting down and evacuating the entire Eugene airport at 6:30 am for about 4 hours.

So since the people who had the fake bomb were on our plane, that’s what caused our problems. Our pilot knew nothing about the whole thing until the approach to Denver.

They took the two people right away, and after an hour or so probably of messing around trying to figure out what to do, they let us back on the plane and taxied us up to the terminal.

Fortunately we had a long layover, so we didn’t miss our next flight.

Tech26 Nov 2007 07:49 am

Had some hardware-related computer problems recently. In the course of troubleshooting, I realized that the little tiny fan on the Northbridge chipset of my Asus A8V-E Deluxe motherboard was not working. This wasn’t causing my issues, but I wanted to get it resolved.

I swiped this pic of the original fan from They weren’t very impressed with the fan in their review of the board, they didn’t think it worked very well.

I contacted Asus, and they graciously sent me a replacement heatsink. Evidently they agreed with xbitlabs and changed the design of the board, replacing the fan with just a heatsink.

Here’s a picture of the new heatsink installed on my motherboard.

It was a pain to install. I had to completely remove the motherboard from the tower in order to bust the pins on the backside that were holding the original unit in place.

Family24 Nov 2007 12:50 pm

When I was still sick, one night Mandy laid down with me and we watching the Oak Ridge Boys on Youtube for a long time.

Misc23 Nov 2007 12:23 pm

My buddy Stanny sent me this pic recently.

Utopian Sunrise

Click to see it full size.

Hoosierville22 Nov 2007 12:03 pm

This quick and dirty pic was taken a few days ago through a window, hand-held, deep into digital zoom. I didn’t realize until I looked at it just now on the comp, that looks like a pretty decent buck. We’ve seen quite a few deer behind our house in the field since it’s been harvested.

Medical02 Nov 2007 11:17 pm

I’ve found that unless it involves expenses or medication, I don’t like posting about sickness and disease. So anyway I’ve been pretty much hibernating the last month or two, unable to work or do much because I was so sick. I’ve finally started feeling a little better the last week or so, today I even went to work for a few hours. It’s a long process, but it appears I’m on the way back.