WARNING: Reader discretion advised (language).

One day at work this week me and Marty (my electrical partner) happened to be working together. Usually he builds parts and I work on the line. But on some of the more complex units we will each take a side and do them together, because they’re too much work for one guy.

Anyway, he’s constantly telling me how slow I am. Which is true, I am on the slow side for a trailer factory, but I do a good job and don’t goof off. Which is more than can be said for . . . . . . let’s not go down that path. I’ve always tended toward being more meticulous than fast. And Marty is very fast, at least when he wants to be. Which seems most often to be just when he wants to make me look bad.

Not really. We’re buds. So this week we were working and he says, “Tom, you are sure taking your time aren’t you. You don’t have hardly anything to hook up over there, hardly any wires to run, what are you doing !!”

To which I reply, “Marty, that’s all you ever say. How I’m so slow and you’re so fast, I’m so bad and you’re so good, you could do 3 units to my one. Come up with something new, I’m sick of hearing the same thing all the time!”

Jimmy was right there and heard the whole conversation. He butts in and says, “Ok, YOU —-!!!!!”

I had to admit, yes, that was something new.