My Dad loves ice cream. He likes to have it every day. He always wants it for dessert after supper. I remember countless times from my child(and adult)hood Mom asking after supper, “We don’t need any dessert, do we?”

Dad would say, “Oh, how about a little ice cream!”

Or Mom would be serving cake or pie or something and say, “Should we have milk or ice cream?”

Dad would always reply, “Oh, we’d better have some ice cream!”

No matter what, he was always in the mood for ice cream. Years ago he used to make it a lot. In fact, way back in the Nebrasky days he was well-known among his neighbors for regularly making homemade ice cream.

AHQ was on tour one time in Nebrasky, singing at a church in the area Dad was from. This elderly lady cornered me afterwards and said, “Does your Dad still make ice cream?! We used to be next door neighbors and he would make ice cream every Saturday night!”

I hope I wasn’t a disappointment to my Dad, I never was that enthused over ice cream. I liked it ok and would eat it occasionally, but more often than not I would pass it up. It was just too cold and milky.

But lately I started to notice that I’m eating it more often. For some reason I’m usually helping myself when it makes the rounds, my interest is growing. This all led up to a momentous happenstance.

My wife and I were on the way to the in-laws one evening for pie and ice cream. And we were supposed to bring some ice cream. Of course we didn’t have any, so we stopped at the Most Expensive Grocery Store Known to Man (the gas station) to get some. My wife made me get out and get it, so I thought, I’m going to get whatever kind I want. If she doesn’t like what I pick that’s just tough, she could’ve came in too!

I scanned the freezer and picked 2 cartons. The one I’ve long since forgotten, but the other has changed my life. Destiny reached out and tapped me on the shoulder when I saw that box of Raspberry Cow Tracks ice cream.

My wife looked at my choices in the car and burst out laughing. “It’s supposed to be for pie!” she said. I didn’t care, I got what I thought looked good.

The whole family tried my ice cream. Everybody hated it. I was thrilled! I got it all to myself!

This is the most amazing ice cream in the world. It’s a Kemp’s Special Edition flavor, and in their words it consists of:

Raspberry filled chocolate cows, swirls of thick chocolate fudge in raspberry ice cream.

Yes! Very accurate! And as good as that sounds, it’s even far better! Wonderful raspberry ice cream liberally swirled with fudge! Generously populated with little chocolate cows which are surprisingly filled with raspberry filling! Amazing!

If you come over I’ll let you try some. If I still have any on hand! I think I’m going to create my own little twist on the family ice cream legacy.