So last week we drove out to PA to get By and Amy married off! I have a bunch of pictures for you from the weekend.

All the boys went out for breakfast Thursday morning.

The choir rehearsed a lot Thursday and Friday. They sounded fantastic.

AHQ had to rehearse too! Notice how intently we’re working. . .

AHQ did a few songs at the wedding and reception. Byran had written Amy a song and so we needed to learn it to sing at the reception.

. . .while By is goofing off!

My fellow groomsmen and I, that’s Barn, Randy, and me. What an unbeatable group!

Here’s our table! What a great time that was.

We drafted my brother-in-law to babysit during the ceremony. Later Dorcas took care of the baby during the reception. So far in our short parenting career, finding a babysitter hasn’t been a very big problem!

Mandy and her Daddy