The longer I take a given medication, the less effective it becomes. My wife doesn’t seem to understand that.

My Halcion ran out today, I told the dentist I needed more unless there was something else he could give me that actually worked. He chuckled in disbelief and said that was the strongest stuff he could dish out.

Goodness. Is that the state of medicinal technology today? Pathetic!

So my wife asked me how many Halcion I took before my dental appointment this afternoon. I told her 3. She looked up the maximum dose and oops, it was 2. She was sore displeased. I tried to explain that the stuff doesn’t work worth beans, I have to take a lot to even feel it.

If I am up and walking/running around I can tell my normally rock-solid stability is slightly compromised. But if I sit down and do something, la-de-da, I almost forget I’m supposed to be medicated. In fact, after I came home from the dental chair today I sat down in the ITF office and engaged in a lengthy conference over the internet with a business colleage regarding a project I’m working on. I was sharp as a tack.

But all that doesn’t matter, she was not happy. If I’m not careful she’s going to keep my meds locked up and dole them out to me herself.

It’s a good thing she didn’t ask if I took any Valium (two) along with that Halcion.