Here’s a piece of art from my past that I came across a little while ago. In my life, I have primarily focused my artistic aspirations into music (singing) and the occasional poetic masterpiece. Before I realized those artistic forms were my calling, however, I flirted with the occasional colored pencil or felt marker sketch.

As you can readily ascertain, I had an amazing amount of raw talent and ability. I could have used a small amount of guidance to channel my gift, but the natural aptitude is undeniable.

Note how I used life issues that resonated with me as the theme for my art. It’s certainly hard to go wrong with that approach, isn’t it.

Also note the innovative position and use of light source. Light rays twist and point in concentric directions, giving an uncanny retro effect without losing the distinctively modernistic feel.

The unique block style signature is certainly uncommon. Notice how I had the instincts to create my own distinctive flair, indicating personality and pizzazz.

One of the more impressive things I noticed in re-examining this particular work are the slight scale inconsistencies. They are extremely effective at creating a subtle tension. The degree to which the proportions are skewed indicate the effect is decidedly intended. A bright observer cannot help but wonder “What was the artist thinking? What thoughts, ideas, and emotions is he attempting to convey?”

Many years have passed since the day the ink dried on this particular canvas, so I can’t say for sure what I was hinting at. I do believe there to be a high likelihood, however, that I was probably expressing apprehension and slight misgivings about growing up in such a big world. Where would I fit? How would I survive? What was my calling? Where was my place? In my courageous pre-pubescent idealism, I answered these heavy questions with “Just let me drive fast cars and I’ll be fine!”

And give me a very disturbingly-curved face.

Idealist that I was, still I could recognize there would be significant difficulties and problems that would eventually need to be faced. The color and consistency of the emissions suggest alarming and high-cost engine problems were in the very near future for the artistic subject’s vehicle. Yes, he was driving a fast car and he was fine, but major tribulation was looming on the horizon.

But these seemingly dichotomous perspectives meld together in a logical though complex justification! Problems can be overcome, difficulties can be dealt with. As long as I know who I am and where I belong I can take whatever comes down the pike!

Take note of the understated background. I didn’t let my message get muddled up in unnecessary details or sidetracked down bunny trails, but I kept the focus clear! I eliminated the frivolous fluff, I was the wind that blew the chaff away. I kept the message front and center, I didn’t want it lost in the noise of excess and superfluity.

Art is such a wonderful thing, it can speak deeply on so many levels. Hopefully, this beneath-the-surface look at an unlikely artistic masterpiece creates a new-found sense of wonder and excitement in your own heart that will propel you on to a lifetime of deeper appreciation for fine visual arts.