A few months ago I finally broke down and decided to get the widescreen LCD monitor that I’ve wanted for so long.

But my current graphics card couldn’t handle the native resolution of the new monitor (1680×1050). So I had to buy a new one.

A nice feature of this new card is that it will handle dual monitors.

That’s the old 19″ beast of a CRT. It weighs, oh, maybe around 300 pounds and takes up about 14 square feet of desktop space.

I got an Acer AL2216 22″ widescreen. Now I have a lot more room for a mess on my desk.

But then as I alluded to, I recently had major computer problems.

That’s not good. My motherboard fried. I ordered a motherboard, processor, RAM, and a cheap DVD burner from Newegg and had them overnighted. I needed a SATA optical drive because the new motherboard had only one IDE channel! And I had a couple of non-SATA hard drives, so I couldn’t piggyback my old IDE DVD burner on there. Here I’ve removed the old stuff and am ready to install all the new parts in my Antec Sonata case.

Notice there in the background, I’m also babysitting times 2. Talk about multi-tasking.

There’s everything in place, ready to go. So far it’s been working well.