. . .hopefully. It’s been one catastrophe after another at the ITF house.

Early in the week we had a bad rainstorm. Now, Utopia gets the bad rap for rain, but that’s just asinine. Hoosierville gets routine rainstorms the likes of which Utopia has never seen. And our basement couldn’t handle the one this week.

Fortunately it wasn’t as bad as a couple we had last year, and only a small area of carpet got wet.

We don’t have AC (pure misery, be assured), so we have what’s called an “attic fan,” or “whole house fan.” Open the windows, switch that sucker on and you get some air circulation throughout the house. Unfortunately, the outside air is so hot and humid that half the time there really isn’t much benefit.

Anyway, this fan was just getting slower all the time, it was hardly moving anymore. Come to find out the belt was shot. I got a new belt, crawled up in the attic, and put it on. Wow! That did the trick! Now there were gale-force winds throughout the house.

A couple hours later the fan motor burned up.

The next day and over a hundred dollars later, our fan is running again. That was two days ago.

That night the motherboard on my computer fried. And I have a big recording project next week.

I was up until 1:30 in the morning figuring out what I needed and ordering parts from Newegg. They got here today, so hopefully I’ll be up and running tonight.

Then last night we ended up in the Emergency Room. My wife broke her little toe.

I really hope that’s the last catastrophe, at least for this week.