Here at RipChord Studios, I’ve always used n-Track for my recording software. It’s a multi-track recording program that will record as many tracks as your computer will handle. It works great and is one of the cheapest programs available.

It was created by a guy in Italy, Flavio Antonioli. He does a great job of supporting it, fixing bugs, and implementing feedback from users.

Years ago, I think it was when we went from version 2 to version 3, I had a problem. The new version wouldn’t open files created with the previous version. I sent him an email about the problem, not sure if anything would come of it or not. Not only did I get a reply very soon, but attached to the email was a new build of the program that fixed the problem!

We’re on version 5 by now. I’ve recorded several albums with it: “Purpose” from AHQ, “A Heart Like Yours” from Heartbeat, an upcoming release from my buddy Pete, and of course the stuff from Acoustic Persecution. I’ve also done quite a bit of live stuff using it on my laptop.

I recently emailed Flavio again, requesting a small feature. He emailed me back saying he would add it.

> A small thing I would find helpful is the option to add a button to the toolbar which would toggle the “Song Comments” window. I use it fairly frequently and it’s kind of a pain to have to always go through the edit menu.
> Thanks, keep up the great work!
> Tom

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll add the button in the next version of the program.

Best regards,
Flavio Antonioli.

The big guns in the multi-track recording field are ridiculously high-priced. n-Track is cheap, it does what I need to do, and it does it well.