Quite a while ago, Morgan made me curious, so I checked into the domain iceteaforever.com (as opposed to iceDteaforever.com). A squatter had it. The turkey! What in the world!

So I submitted the following, along with a lot of personal information:

How did you happen to acquire this domain? Is it for sale?

Never heard anything back, then not long ago I checked on it again. Available! Should I get it just for fun? I would just forward it to iceDteaforever, so it would only be for less confusion when telling someone “iced tea forever dot com!”

Nah, I thought, that’s not necessary. This is just a hobby site and that would cost money.

Then I check it right now and it’s gone again.

I guess I’m not the only one who’d like to have it! But evidently there is no shortage of people who, unlike me, are willing to pay for it.

At any rate, godaddy gave me a good bit of amusement in offering alternatives to iceteaforever.com. Check these out:


Excellent suggestions all!