It recently became apparent to me that I’ve got a hard drive expiring. My very quiet Antec Sonata tower has been emitting a whine, and I finally gave it the due attention it was demanding.

I opened the case, uplugged the secondary hard drive, and restarted the machine. Blessed peace and quietness.

I’m glad it’s the secondary drive that is having the problems. That’s certainly less of a pain to deal with than the primary, where Windows is installed.

I’ve also been having some Windows problems lately, and I realize now that they’re very possibly related to this drive starting to act up. It will be nice to have that resolved.

And of course I have technical requirements in the near future that necessitate a fully operable computer! That’s what made me finally check into the problem. Now I need to fix it ASAP.

So after a few words of consultation with the ITF Official Technical Advisor, Hans, I selected this WD 320GB drive from NewEgg. This will actually be my first SATA drive, when I built my new machine I just re-used my existing IDE drives.

May all the UPS men have wings on their feet!