I haven’t posted about my computer in a while, but that doesn’t mean things haven’t been happening. It’s all together now, save for a 3.5″ drive bay 7 in 1 card reader than I haven’t got yet.

Here’s the old case before I ripped some stuff out of it.

This is what’s migrating to the new. DVD+R drive, two hard drives, and TV card. The other PCI card there is actually for my 24-bit studio recording sound card. It’s not actually going back in, I’m going to get a new sound card and hawk this one on eBay.

Here’s the new machine with the drives and cards installed, ready to go.

And here I am working on getting it up and running. Yes, that is a floppy drive hooked up and sitting on the floor. Do not do this!

I needed a floppy to work on the hard drive (master boot sector was screwed up, has been for a month or two) before I reformatted it, so I temporarily yarded the drive out of the old machine and used it.

This is a day or two later after I purchased a new floppy drive for this computer. Probably the cheapest component you can get! This new Sony drive cost me $10.