Made quite a mistake today. I’m not used to living in tourist country. Not that I mind, I love tourism, but I love it more when I get to be the tourist.

We wanted to go to Shipshewana for some stuff, so off we went. Had a gift certificate for the Blue Gate Restaurant and it was lunch time, so we went there. Eventually we found the last empty spot in the parking lot!

I didn’t know why I felt led to slip my camera in my pocket before we left, but I trusted my instincts and took it along.

Who knows what this bozo thinking when he “parked” his car. Actually, my wife referred to the car’s driver as “she!” We did manage to get in the stall, that’s my car on the right (with the blacked out license plate. Don’t want my license number plastered all over the internet now, do I). It wasn’t easy though. You can’t tell from the pic, but it’s a very narrow row, there wasn’t much room to turn in.

And that’s not all, here’s a view from the back:

Nice. I’m sure the other driver was thrilled.

So anyway, the place is just packed out with a monster waiting list. Oops. Never go to a tourist trap on a summer Saturday when there’s an antique festival in town.

So we quick got our stuff done and went home and had this for lunch instead:

Catfish!! I love catfish. It was excellent. I simply fried them in butter and seasoned with Old Bay, lemon pepper, and a little cayenne pepper (just on mine).

And tonight of course I made cornbread. That last post about cornbread nearly drove me nuts wanting some.