The Den of Iniquity remains a substantial trial. Many things unpleasant, yet at the same time it is in a number of ways the best job I’ve had. And a blessing of the new plant I’m in, no more radio! There are a few scattered around, but I’m not forced to listen to them like I was before. But I did hear that golden rule song that I like today.

A few days ago one of the engineers came over and asked if I could come with him for a minute.

Sure, I said, so he took me to a unit I had already finished. He pointed out an area on the unit I was responsible for and started telling me how a quality inspector was throwing a fit about it. I surveyed the area and immediately became alarmed.

“This is really shoddy workmanship,” he told me. And it was.

I quickly and articulately explained to him in no uncertain terms that I had not left it that way. Someone had unscrewed a wire clamp and pulled a foot more 10-2 110 wire and heavy conduit out of the floor, leaving it unsecured and sticking straight up. The clamp and screw were even still hanging on the conduit, waving in the breeze.

We went and looked at the next unit and he said, “Oh, this looks very good.” He quickly realized that my quality workmanship had been sabotaged, and sheepishly let me off the hook.