So I’ve went on and on about how I hate the radio in at the Den of Iniquity. And I do, it’s only gotten worse since I first vented about it. I’m losing my patient tolerance, slowly but surely.

There is one song that I like though. It’s by the frightful-looking blues guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan. The guy can’t sing to save his life, but I like the song Crossfire because of one line in it:

“Whatever happened to the Golden Rule?”

Yeah! I’ll shout to my buddy Mark, “Hey Mark, whatever happened to the Golden Rule !!!!” And he’ll say, “It got caught in the Crossfire.”

Then there was this other song, “Thundercheese.” This is by hard rockers AC DC. What three words come to mind when I think of AC DC? Oh, maybe grating, vile and abominable.

But I thought, ha ha! THUN-DER-CHEESE! That’s really kind of neat! I said to my buddy Mark, “Hey Mark, that’s really unusual, a song about Thundercheese! What is Thundercheese anyway?”

He said, “Uh, that’s not thundercheese. It’s ‘Dirty deeds, DONE DIRT CHEAP.'”

“Oh!” I said in shock. “I think I liked Thundercheese better.”