That last post got me thinking more about radio and annoyance. I’ve always loved listening to the radio. It’s constantly on in my car, and when I used to work out in the shop at home I wouldn’t think of not turning on the radio.

The first ten years I spent in the work force I would listen to the radio every chance I got. Installing custom van interiors I would always have the van radio on. Working in the shop on the farm, and later working in my warehouse, always turn up the radio.

I love talk shows, news/talk radio. Stations that play my kind of music are few and far between and usually nonexistant, and I’ve always liked talk radio anyway, so that’s usually what it is for me.

BUT. . . .

Now the radio is driving me up the wall!

I currently work in a Den of Iniquity, and the radio is constantly blaring. Loud. And the music ranges the horizon-wide spectrum of classic rock to heavy metal. Yes, a tremendous variety.

It’s usually classic rock. I have learned to feel an intense hatred and repudiation for classic rock. Classic Crap is what I prefer to call it, it’s much more accurate. I can’t think of enough derrogatory adjectives to convey the depths of my scorn and contempt for it, so I’m not even going to try.

But day after day after day I’m forced to put up with this aural assault, and I’m sick of it. Once in a while they change the station to a pop/current hit/variety station and it’s a relief. That fact alone gives you an idea how bad the classic rock situation is.

What a load of garbage! I can find something to appreciate in a lot of different music, but I’m struggling to find one small redemptive tidbit in that cesspool of grating aural pollution.

Man I hate it.