I started to reply to a recent comment, but it turned into a post. So here it is.

My whole life I’ve shunned forks and embraced spoons, much to my Mom’s chagrin. I’ve made somewhat of a name for myself in that department, hence my sister and the baritone flipping out at my mention of a fork.

Indeed, my good buddy Coby still loves to bring up the subject. Coby gave me my first opportunity to sing barbershop, we ended up singing in several barbershop quartets together (he’s on the right in the Razorburn pics here and here). One time we were at district convention and we went to a restaurant to have supper. I ordered a monster salad of some kind and ate the whole thing with a spoon. Evidently he had never seen anything like that before, he loves to keep bringing it up! “Hey, do you know Tom eats salad with a spoon?!!!”

Forks are just so unhandy and awkward. Sure, they work good for stabbing things, but most things don’t need to be stabbed.

Spoons are friendly, versatile, easy to use, intuitive, and much better suited than forks for transportation of most foods. Spoons fit the mouth better, they’re much more natural. They even cut stuff better than forks. Don’t get me wrong, forks have their place, it’s just a very small one.