I love barbershop quartet music. Right now I’m listening to the Barbershop Harmony Society’s Live365 (click link to go listen) internet radio station. There were just playing Power Play singing “Love at Home.” Yes, the very same “Love at Home” in your ancient church hymnal. Done very nicely too, a tasteful barbershop arrangement that you’d most likely appreciate even if you didn’t like barbershop.

Power Play is a unique quartet. They’re a dad, two sons, and a nephew. They competed in the barbershop contest system for years and years, qualifying for internationals many times. They finally won the whole thing and took home the gold in ’03. Good quartet.

Anyway, speaking of this barbershop Live365 station, it’s a great one. A good mix of older stuff and newer stuff, mostly quartets but they play a few choruses too. A lot of old Bluegrass Student Union music too! Very cool. And if someone wants to buy me BSU’s “Legacy,” I surely would appreciate it.

And now we have Michigan Jake, ’01 champions, with their “Bill Bailey” montage! Doing it as ’60’s style to ’80’s rap, then back to Bach. Great song! It’s off their latest CD, “How Rhythm Was Born,” which I’d also love to have. Maybe I need to start a wish list on ITF.

I think I might start doing some barbershop themed posts. I’ve got a story or two I could tell. I wonder if I’m allowed to tell them though!

Speaking of which, here is the last barbershop quartet I was in, Razorburn.

Razorburn forever.