I generally am pretty slow to pick up on the latest social-type internet phenomenon. When I first heard of blogs and Blogger, I couldn’t understand why anyone would care what Joe Blow thought about anything. Twitter continues to mystify me, I can’t see it finding a place in my life ever. Myspace? I’ve always avoided it like the plague. Internet chat of sundry kinds? Dabbled with and currently won’t touch with a ten-foot pole.

I was forced into creating a Facebook account when I was using a program called Broadclip (now Flycast). They changed it into a Facebook app only (at that time), so I had to go to Facebook to keep using it. Then, much to my chagrin, people started finding me on Facebook! So I was dragged kicking and screaming into the world of FB.

Once in a great while I would log on and deal with Friend requests and quickly log out, I avoided it like the plague. Recently though I’ve come around somewhat, and I enjoy Facebook for what it does well. I look at is as a micro-blogging platform with a pretty handy photo album feature, I enjoy keeping up with people that way. And I re-connected with my old buddy Mark from the Den of Iniquity!

I’ve been playing around with the photo album thing (here’s one I just posted), and I think I really like it (I know Rob, Picasa! Picasa!). I might have to post a bunch more pictures I have sitting around.

Another thing I really enjoy about FB is “liking” things. Especially my own. I’m getting more trigger happy all the time with the “like” click. I’m starting to regularly scan down the page just lighting it on fire clicking the “like” link.

And I like that it automatically posts my ITF posts. So anyway, that’s my Facebook saga.