I have a buddy named Mark who serves time with me in the Den of Iniquity. He likes music too, but he’s more inclined along the lines of stringed and various instruments. My tastes of course run the more reasonable route of vocal music. So we haven’t yet found a huge amount of common musical ground, but we do enjoy discussing musical things.

Mark: Jerry Garcia! The Grateful Dead!

Me: Gag! Urp!

One thing we do agree on though is that classic rock stations play “We Will Rock You“/”We are the Champions of the World” WAY too much. Sometimes we’d hear that miserable “anthem” several times in one day, yea, in one morning!

So one time a while ago I was working away from a radio. Mark comes over and says Tom your favorite song was on the radio! Meaning “We are the Champions.” In mock enthusiasm I said I don’t need the radio, I’ll just sing it myself! Then proceeded to launch into the second line, something like this (32KB, 0:07).

“Tom!” he said. “You really shouldn’t use that falsetto any more, you’d better stick to bass.”