Moving in to northern Hoosierville these long 5 years ago was a bit of a culture shock. At least when it came to Amishness. It’s without a doubt genuine Amish country around here. Everybody is either Amish, just left the Amish, or their Grandpa was Amish, and the rest of us immigrated in from the “English” world out there.

Don’t call me English. I’m American.

Anyway, the whole Amish thing had my eyes open wide in wonder for awhile, but I’ve learned quite a lot about Amishness since then. I’ve come to enjoy the incongruities.

Like seeing a horse and buggy pulling a boat and trailer. Or exchanging emails with an Amishman. Or even finding a “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” dvd on an Amishman’s desk!

And today I had an Amishman tell me “You da man!”