Been having some problems with this site, it appears ITF was hacked and whacked. It wouldn’t load at all, and worse yet I was totally locked out, I couldn’t even log in to the WordPress admin area.

When I’d view source I could see a bunch of alien javascript code, a ton of it. I FTP’d in and found a bunch of hacker code on a lot of the WP files. All my theme files (save one) were compromised with it too. I cleaned them up, re-uploaded them, and wham they were immediately corrupted again.

I finally deleted all the plugins (most of them were corrupted too), re-uploaded the cleaned theme files, and it came back online. I cleaned up the plugins and so far everything seems to be working ok.

So why did this happen? I’m running the latest version of WordPress. However, not that long ago I was hit with this same type of thing, and that was before I had upgraded. And when I was finally able to get back in today, I found a dozen or so very suspicious user accounts with very similar names and url’s. I deleted them of course.

What I suspect is that they still had their foot in the door from the last hack, and that’s how they compromised this current version of WordPress (2.5.1).

Hopefully I have it taken care of, it’s been a royal pain. Thanks for nothing you slacker hackers.