It’s always fun to look at search strings for incoming traffic. Here are a few queries that Google in its infinite wisdom decided to reward with ITF:

ice tea wife
muhc care of the professional voice singers
church ladies food recipes
smuckers ice tea
forever chicken
valium before surgery wisdom teeth
halcion resistance dental anesthesia
put food in microwave
glen zehr
my melody
peace ice tea you are going to hate it
buddy smbi
endoscopy sedative “didn t” work
song with words sweet tea in them
potluck wedding reception phrasing
tell me how to make ice tea as good as big boys
ask for some of her sweet tea country song

These aren’t just funny, though, some are touching. I feel for the poor guy whose endoscopy sedative didn’t work, I can identify. And the halcion resistance. I’m glad I can be moral support for people like this who are in need.