Here’s an x-ray of my neck. And Mark, just in case you’re wondering, the writing was stuck on the image afterwards, it’s not actually part of my being.

Note the curvature in a forward (left) direction. Is this good or bad, I’m sure you’re wondering. Good question, let’s find out.

Here’s the chart that shows you good and bad necks. Click on the image for a larger version.

I know you’re alarmed to see that a healthy neck has a curvature in a backwards leaning direction!

What does this mean for me? My neck is leaning in the wrong direction! It simply means yet more medical attention. Don’t worry, I’m used to it.

In my consultations with varying medical professionals, we suspect that it is the result of a head-plant I did on my dirt bike out at the sand dunes many years ago. I was riding my ancient ’81 Honda CR250 across some rolling dunes with Josh and Chip, and suddenly there was a big gully right in front of me. There was no way to see it in time and there was nothing I could do.

This isn’t my pic, but that’s the exact bike I used to have. Except mine wasn’t as nice.

I went off the edge (it was maybe 6-10 deep), flew through the air maybe 15-20 feet straight into the other side. It was like riding into a wall. My neck initially hurt very bad, I was somewhat concerned for a moment or two.

But I was fine. Until years later, of course, when they x-rayed my neck.

Click here to see the whole Spinal Degeneration Chart.