I was quite pleased recently to be the recipient of this accolade:

ITF is the Jim Rome Show of the blog world.

All right!

Much as I detest sports, I like to listen to Jim Rome. I haven’t in quite some time, but he had a very entertaining talk show. All bluff and bluster and big talk and ego. That might not be what you look for in a friend, but it sure makes for a good talk show.

Wait a minute! Maybe that isn’t such a good parallel with the ITF jungle. I hope the ITF Clones don’t think of me that way, he makes for a good blog but not a good friend.

Speaking of ITF and sports, I was made aware that someone linked to ITF on the links page of a sports-themed yay-hoo group. Their summary of ITF was exquisite:

One Stop Shopping for all your sports needs.
Really, one doesn’t need to know any more about sports than you find right here. Anything more is superfluous and obsessive.