Like I said, we went to PA last weekend. It was a long drive. Nay, it was eternal.

As you know, I have a rather dubious attitude towards Chevys. And that was certainly fostered further last Friday!

We had just entered the questionable state of Pennsylvania, and decided it was time for a snack. It was around 8 or 9 in the evening, and we had a long ways to go yet. I pulled off of I-70 and turned into McDonalds. The chevy promptly gave up the ghost.

Fortunately, I had joined AAA earlier this year. I gave them a call and got a tow truck to come out. When he arrived we deduced that the chevy alternator had expired. Joy of joys.

We were towed to a hotel (the Relax Inn, doesn’t that name just inspire visions of luxury and comfort!), then in the morning we got another tow to a repair shop. I had called the local NAPA store first thing in the morning and secured an alternator for a princely fee.

The repair shop was just a few blocks from NAPA, and the boys got on it right away. It wasn’t a real easy chevy alternator to change though, so it took a little bit. I inspected the serpentine belt when he removed it and realized it would probably be a smart move to replace it while the opportunity was presented. No problem, they said.

We were back on the road in under an hour, and we made it to the wedding in time. Now I don’t mean to complain, the boys at Taylor’s took care of the chevy and got us going as quick as they could. Back back here in the ITF office, I inspected the bill and discovered that they charged me $45.81 for the chevy serpentine belt!

Good lands!

Astounded, I looked it up on NAPA’s website and found the price there to be a mere $18.99!

So I’m less than thrilled about that.