Newegg and UPS wasted no time in delivering my new hard drive. They were fast! I was very happy with them all. However, I was not happy about my computer refusing to acknowledge that I had installed the new drive.

I slopped around in the BIOS, making sure SATA was enabled, but it all made no difference. Nothing I did would open the computer’s eyes to the new hard drive resting in its bowels.

After much pounding head against wall, I finally discovered a forum page discussing a problem just like mine. There I learned that my motherboard chipset was first-generation SATA, my new hard drive was second-generation SATA, and the motherboard was blind to it.

Western Digital themselves addressed the solution and explained the reasons for the issue. All I needed to do was install a jumper on the new drive to put it in SATA I mode.

Suddenly the motherboard realized what was going on and accepted the new drive with open arms.

And now I am wallowing in 300 extra gigabytes.