I’ve made reference on occasion to the staff and interns who work with me on ITF. I’ve also had some doubters make thinly veiled sarcastic remarks in response to said references!

So you can guess how happy I am to provide the ITF constituency with photographical evidence of our staff and interns.

Here’s a picture from a staff photo shoot from some time back:

The hardworking ITF staff. That’s me second from right.

My current intern is Nathaniel McPherson. He makes remarkable contributions to the mood and atmosphere here at the ITF headquarters, as well as making substantial contributions in research. Nate is by far the biggest intern I’ve ever had (don’t take that wrong, Nate), so I can really identify with him in that way.

Our current intern, Nate.

Nate is the latest in a rather long string of interns. For such a coveted position, the turnover has been very high. Not by anyone’s choice, but the mortality rate has been astronomical. It’s been a tough time emotionally, really.

In fact, I recently put some flowers on the gravesite of a former intern.