So I just recently shared with you the link to Kaitlyn’s story about the cell phone in church. Now I have my own example of absurdity.

I was in church last Tuesday night for a choir program. The choir was wringing tender emotion from an exquisite line of music when Chester Dude’s cell phone starts going off. Now Chester Dude was was clear up front, in the second bench I believe. Mere feet from select choir members!

He turns to his neighbor and grins hugely like it’s one big joke. Then he leans waaaaay forward and puts his head practically under the bench. I was seated only two rows directly behind him, unfortunately I could not escape.

I tried to resume focus on another emotionally musical phrase, only to hear a voice, slightly muffled but speaking at almost normal volume.

Chester Dude had answered his phone!

He had his head tucked under the bench to talk on his phone in front of the whole church while the choir was delivering their program! Unbelievable.

When he was finished, he sat back up, looked at his neighbor again and grinned like there was no tomorrow.

Somebody’s Mommy needs to take their toy away!